About Janae Bower

God has a special purpose for your life,” my dad shared with me ever since I was a little girl.  Little did my father and I know that the words of wisdom he gave me at such a young age would end up being my divine destiny.  I spent the decades of my 20’s and 30’s passionately searching for “IT” by  studying the fields of spiritual growth, Christian living and personal transformation. I even started my own business  as an inspirational speaker and author called Finding IT to help others find it, live it and give it away.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live IT every day as I raise my three sons Gavin, Grant and Garrett.

I’ve always appreciated and respected my Catholic faith; growing up Catholic and attending a Catholic University – the University of St. Thomas –  for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Yet it wasn’t until 2011 when I got hit on the head (ironically while presenting there) with a wake-up call and truly surrendered to God in a big way that I rediscovered, in such a personal and intimate way, my love for the Lord and the Catholic faith. I wrote about this year-long spiritual and transformational journey in Love Affair with God.

The commitment to my faith deepened (and still is) during my 40’s. I dedicated my life and business to “giving IT away” to God. My devotions to the HEART’s of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Holy Spirit and the Saints have been enriched through retreats, pilgrimages and consecrations. It’s an honor to share my heart with you through the oasis of online retreats and resources offered here to inspire and transform your heart!