Journey with St. Joseph


In honor of recent Year of St. Joseph proclaimed by Pope Francis, I am taking to heart his message for us to “go to St. Joseph.”

I feel compelled to go on a journey to look deeper into St. Joseph’s hidden interior life, his CHASTE HEART!

I believe that this is what makes him “the delight of the saints, the greatest of all saints.” According to Fr. Calloway’s highly recommended book on St. Joseph called Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of our Spiritual Father. He’s also considered THE GREAT SAINT OF EVERYDAY LIFE. “Saint Joseph can be seen as the saint of everyday life, to whom one turns for help with both minor worries and at life-defining moments.” (St. Joseph’s Oratory.)

Fr. Calloway referred to St. Joseph as the master of the interior life and the increaser of the virtuous life. I would love to be a divine reflection of someone who has a deep interior life and one who strives to be more virtuous. St. Joseph can teach us a lot, being the great saint of the everyday life. As I share with you a little more about what this inner journey will look like, and if you feel compelled to join me, then let’s do it together.

If you are reading this then I don’t think it’s by chance. You see St. Peter Julian Eymard said:

“When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights,

he unites it to St. Joseph by giving it a strong love for the saint.”

What will this journey look like?

My intention is to keep this year-long journey simple and profound. One that helps us take what we know about St. Joseph (the head) so that we can truly know him (in our hearts). The Sioux said that the longest journey we’ll ever take is the one from our heads to our hearts.

After Jesus’ Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart, then I don’t think there is a better heart than St. Joseph’s Chaste Heart that we can learn from. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing, going straight to the heart of the matter, to St. Joseph’s heart.

Remember, how I said I like to keep things simple? This is how we’ll do that. If you can remember the words, CHASTE HEART then you are ready for this inner journey! Each month we’ll take the theme and explore it in more depth (the profound part) that aspect of his virtuous heart. You’ll be able to go as deep (or not) as you’ll feel called to or have time for.

First, we’ll explore St. Joseph’s CHASTE heart as one that is wholeheartedly:

C – Committed (month of January)

HHumble (month of February)

A – Attentive (month of March)

S – Silent (month of April)

T – Trustful (month of May)

E – Enduring (month of June)

Then we’ll ask to unite our heart to St. Joseph’s heart, to form our’s to a servant’s HEART of:

H – Humility (month of July)

E – Empathy (month of August)

A – Adoration (month of September)

R – Responsiveness (month of October)

T – Transparency (month of November)

As we go deeper each month, here’s how we’ll do that. Within each month’s theme (as shared above), we’ll look at:

  • Monthly “heart ponderings and perspectives” on the month’s theme
  • An extraordinary Saint in heaven that had a heart for St. Joseph
  • An ordinary saint on earth that has a heart for St. Joseph now
  • Some devotions, prayers and sacred images of St. Joseph
  • Virtual pilgrimage – we’ll travel online to some holy places around the world that are honoring him
  • Optional online discussion forum to connect with others on this journey

Are you ready to journey with St. Joseph?

It’s an online, self-study journey. This means you get to go at your own pace and in your own space. The cost of doing it is FREE. The cost of NOT doing it is only something you and God knows how it can impact your heart.

If you have a nudge in your heart to say yes, then just click on the button below – Join the Journey. When God asked St. Joseph to go on a journey, he didn’t question why or how or say, “not now.” St. Josephy just responded with perfect obedience.

You’ll need to register (it’s FREE) to go this journey so you can access the material.

Normally when I’m inspired to go on an inner journey like this with my faith, it’s a totally private one. This time I felt the nudge to invite others as I go along. I can’t share with you anymore than I have here because as I don’t even know yet what this will totally look like!

I’m your companion on this journey, coming right alongside of you. I’m trusting God, through the intercession of St. Joseph, to lead us. You can find out a little more about me, by clicking HERE. I’ll also share some more of my holy love story when you join me for this first month.

That’s why this month of January in which I’m introducing this spiritual opportunity, the theme is having a committed heart. It’s a heart that says yes in faith and walks as it’s directed, step-by-step with the faithful leading from above.

Remember, just trust the process and you’ll be guided to the level of commitment that you’re being led toward. I’m designing this to be as simple as it can be, and yet deeply profound at the same time.

If it’s not the right time for you to journey with us, but you might know of someone for who it is, please share with them this link.

Be love,

Janae Bower