Here’s what some lovely ladies are sharing about their experience with a FaithWalk Retreats.

I loved the retreat you hosted! I especially enjoyed hearing about your journey Janae and how that many of your insights I could adapt to my life.  It was a perfect “getaway” for an evening to be inspired and have time to reflect on my own life journey.  You had great anecdotes and prayers to “fill my cup”.  Thank you!

– Michelle Arulfo, member of the Basilica of Saint Mary


Experiencing the FaithWalk Retreat was a refreshingly honest and intriguing investment of my time.  Listening and reflecting on active, modern day Catholic and spiritual ways to deepen my faith and our faith as community has inspired me to be open to new growth and love.  I am grateful I attended the retreat and grateful to the people with the vision to make it available in our area.

– Julie Wylie, member of St. Joan of Arc