Online Programs

Creating an online haven where you can feel a little bit of heaven by surrounding you in an OASIS of inspiration and transformation! You’ll find learning experiences to fit your budget, time constraints, and desire for growth – ranging from ONE hour to ONE year!


NEW: Calling Forth the Mystic Within

In this one-hour program, you’ll discover what the mystics of the church can teach us about becoming closer to God and developing your interior life. Foundational meanings will be explained, mystics of the heart will be showcased and messages for your heart will be encouraged. I LOVED creating this program and I hope you’ll answer the call to embrace the mystic within. It’s free to access!


Month of Ma(r)y Experience

This Love Affair with Mary is an ONE MONTH online experience that helps you deepen your relationship with Our Lady.

Join me as I freely give of myself to you in service of Mary as my ministry for this month. I created this to be: Simple. Intentional. Personal.


Simple to do – I know that neither you or I have a lot of extra time in our lives to add one more thing, even if that “one thing” is as great as Our Lady! So I’m using my easy-to-use online platform to host the program. At your own pace, you can do as little or as much of it as you want.


We’ll each choose ONE special intention for the month that we’ll all pray for and work towards. For example, mine is for my family to know and love Mary.


We’ll use what I wrote from my Love Affair with Mary as the springboard for all of us deepen our intimate, authentic and personal relationship with our Blessed Mother. Once a week I’ll host a live Zoom gathering (Thursdays at noon) where we can share more and pray together. It’ll be recorded if you can’t make it.

A decade ago I did these three things and I was in awe of where Mary led me. I hope you (and your loved ones) will join US on this spiritual adventure. One month now can have eternal dividends.


Love Affair with God, a year-long spiritual and transformational experience, is an online training program that helps you deepen your relationship with God.

Imagine what it would be like to have a Love Affair with God. This is a love story unlike any you’ve ever read. You might wonder how you can fall in love with someone who doesn’t physically exist.  How the God of the universe can reveal His love so deeply and personally to one of the billions of us on Earth.  He did and He is inviting YOU to say yes to your very own love affair. Journey with Janae Bower as she goes on one of the greatest adventures of her life traveling the depths of her heart as she falls in love with God.   The love affair that no one originally knew about in Janae’s life ends up being the very thing she wants no one to live without.

LOVE GOD. The secret is simple. Living out this secret in our overstuffed and overwhelmed lives seems simply impossible. You’ll see how:

  • it is possible and has the possibility to change your life
  • falling in love with God helps keep you from falling apart
  • having this type of affair elevates all the affairs of your life

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 Journey with St. Joseph – FREE In-depth and yearlong study into the interior life of St. Joseph’s Chaste Heart

In this self-reflective journey you’ll explore many aspects related to the greatness and the ordinariness of St. Joseph. Each month you’ll have a variety of content related to that month’s theme. You can go at your own pace and do as little or as much as you feel led. Enjoy the carefully selected and crafted material. My prayer is that it touches your heart and the hearts of those around you. God Bless!

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